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How do I…


I was recently pointed to a great thread on webOSroundup. It’s called “The “How do I…?” thread.” This big post contains some great questions and answers such as: How do I dismiss notifications? Swipe downwards on the notifications area. Then swipe right on the notification you want to get rid of. How do I delete […]

The HP TouchPad has a beautiful screen. The default wallpaper doesn’t look bad but everyone wants likes changing wallpaper just to make the device more personalized. The Touchpad does come with a few different images that you can use as the wallpaper. Here are the steps for changing the wallpaper for the HP Touch pad […]

Finding good wallpaper for your HP TouchPad can be a chore with regular Google searches. But here are a few tips you can use to make it easier. First, you want to keep in mind what size the wallpaper should be. The HP TouchPad wallpaper size is 1024 x 1024, it’s not as hard as […]